All Vegan Options at Magic Kingdom – Easy Guide

All vegan Options at Magic Kingdom. Cinderella's Castle Magic Kingdom

Here is an easy guide to show you how to eat Vegan at Magic Kingdom! ✅ All Vegan options at Magic Kingdom are listed on this page. No need to scroll through a long list of Magic Kingdom Restaurants because they are listed below in alphabetical order. All you have to do is click to jump to all the plant-based options!

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Click on any Magic Kingdom restaurant listed below to see all of the vegan options available! Not all beverage options are included in this list, with some exceptions. Always check with your server and the official Disney website as Disney Menu Items and prices can change.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

Vegan-Friendly Quick Services at Magic Kingdom ($)

Vegan-Friendly Table Services at Magic Kingdom

Vegan-Friendly Quick Services at Magic Kingdom


Aloha Isle


DOLE Whip Soft-serve with Souvenir Tiki Bowl (pineapple flavor only) — $9.99


Raspberry Float — $6.38

-raspberry DOLE Whip and pineapple juice

Raspberry DOLE Whip Cup — $5.32

Pineapple Float (pineapple flavor only) — $5.99

-DOLE pineapple juice served with pineapple DOLE Whip

Pineapple DOLE Whip Cup (pineapple flavor only) — $4.99

DOLE Pineapple Juice — $3.99

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Be Our Guest Restaurant ($$/$$$$)

Breakfast Entrées

Le Fou Festin — $29.00

-plant-based eggs, sausage, bacon and breakfast potatoes served with fresh fruit. served with vegan pastries.

Lunch Entrées

Cannellini Bean Cassoulet — $14.99

-white cannellini beans with onions, red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs served with broccolini and crostini

Lunch Desserts

Crème Brûlée — $5.99

-plant-based vanilla bean crème brûlée with fresh berries

Dinner Appetizers ($62.00 for appetizer, entrée, and dessert)

Mixed Field Greens

-hazelnut brittle and seasonal fruit with a stone fruit vinaigrette

Dinner Entrées

Roasted Corn and Spinach Tortellini

-roasted corn and peppadew relish, rainbow cauliflower and asparagus, corn nage

Dinner Desserts

Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd

-with fresh berries and strawberry meringue

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Casey’s Corner


Loaded Slaw Dog — $11.49

-plant-based sausage topped with pickled slaw, barbecue vegan aïoli, and roasted corn relish served with french fries or apple slices

“Sausage” Dog — $9.49

-plant-based sausage in a potato bun served with french fries or apple slices


French Fries — $4.49

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Columbia Harbour House

See Official Columbia Harbour House Allergy Menu and Photos


Lighthouse Sandwich — $10.69

-hummus with tomato and broccoli slaw served on toasted multigrain bread with house-made potato chips

Soups and Sides

French Fries — $4.49

Vegetable Rice  — $4.49

Green Beans with Carrots  — $4.49

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Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café


Plant-Based Sloppy Joe — $12.99

-plant-based beef crumbles tossed in a sloppy joe sauce of diced onions, yellow mustard, ketchup, garlic and brown sugar served with french fries


French Fries — $4.49

A Cuties Mandarin — $1.99

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The Friar’s Nook

Plant-Based Brat and Tots

-might be off-menu

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Gaston’s Tavern


Hummus and Pretzel Chips — $4.49

Celery and Carrot Sticks with Dip (ask about dip options) — $3.99


LeFou’s Brew – Souvenir Stein — $12.99

-frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit mango foam and served in a souvenir stein

LeFou’s Brew — $5.79

-frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit mango foam

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Liberty Square Market


Mickey Pretzel (ask for no cheese)— $6.79

Whole Fruit — $2.29

Cuties Mandarin 3-pack — $4.19

Assorted Chips (check ingredients)— $2.29

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The Lunching Pad


Mickey Pretzel (ask for no cheese) — $6.79

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Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

See Official Allergy-Friendly Menu and Photos


Plant-based Southwest Cheeseburger — $12.49

-topped with vegan jalapeño jack and vegan avocado aïoli on a toasted bun

Veggie Rice Bowl *ask for white rice* — $9.99

-yellow rice topped with black beans and roasted vegetables

Sides (Paid)

Side of Guacamole — $2.00

Black Beans — $4.49

Tortilla Chips — $4.99

Allergy-friendly Cookies — $3.29

A Cuties Mandarin — $1.99

Sides (Free Nacho Bar)

  • Salsa
  • Pico
  • Corn Pico
  • Jalapeños
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Pickles

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Pinocchio Village Haus


Penne Pasta with Marinara — $7.29

-penne pasta topped with marinara and sprinkling of basil

Vegan Margherita Flatbread (specify vegan) — $11.99

-off-menu item. allergy-friendly flatbread with tomatoes, basil, and vegan (Daiya) mozzarella cheese


French Fries — $4.49

Tomato Basil Soup (check with chef) — $3.99

Small Side Salad — $3.49

-romaine, tomatoes, diced cucumber, diced red onion tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

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Plaza Ice Cream Parlor


No Suger Added Raspberry Sorbet 

Vanilla Tofutti 


Peanut Butter Sauce

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Prince Eric’s Village Market


Pickle — $1.99

Jumbo Pretzel — $9.49

Grapes — $3.99

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Storybook Treats


Peter Pan Float (order with no chocolate feather) — $6.99

-DOLE Whip lime soft-serve, sprite, and a chocolate feather

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Sunshine Tree Terrace


FOMOsa — $5.99

-sparkling apple cider served with DOLE Whip orange soft-serve

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Tortuga Tavern

Tostones — $5.49

-fried plantain slices served with black bean salsa

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Vegan-Friendly Table Services at Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Restaurant ($$/$$$$)

See vegan options above

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Cinderella’s Royal Table ($$$)

Breakfast Entrées (Adult $62.00)

Royal Avocado Toast

-multigrain toast, plant-based eggs and cheese, avocado, radish, and jalapeños

Lunch/Dinner Appetizers

(Adult Lunch/Dinner $75.00 for appetizer/entrée/dessert)

Castle Salad

-hearty mixed greens, toasted pumpkin seeds, riesling-marinated golden raisins, pink lady apples, and maple-balsamic vinaigrette

Lunch/Dinner Entrées

Chickpea Panisse

-crisply chickpeas Panisse, tomato jam, roasted carrots, chermoula-spiced garbanzos, and chive powder

Protein Bowl (choose plant-based protein)

-farro wheat, red quinoa, toasted hazelnuts, and a grain mustard-herb dressing

Lunch/Dinner Desserts

Lemon Sorbet

-garnished with blueberries, a no-sugar-added dessert

Coffee Pots de Crème

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The Crystal Palace ($$$)

Breakfast (Adult $41.00/Child ages 3–9 $24.00

  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit
  • Dried Cranberries 
  • Granola
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Stewed Tomatoes
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Crushed Avocado
  • Blueberry Topping
  • Syrup
  • Oatmeal
  • Tater tots
  • White Bread
  • Multigrain Bread
  • Plain Bagels
  • Onion Bagels
  • Cocoa Crispies
  • Rice Crispies 
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Fruit Loops
  • Grape Jelly
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Gluten-Free (allergy-friendly) waffle
  • Oatmeal and Home-Style Grits
  • Eggless Florentine 

Lunch/Dinner (Adult $54.00/Child  $32.00)

Large Hot Buffet

  • Garlic Broccoli 
  • Green Beans with Red Onion
  • Steamed White Rice
  • Grilled Vegetables and Cauliflower rice
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower with Garlic Oil
  • Ketchup
  • Honey Mustard
  • Barbeque Sauce

Children’s Hot Buffet

  • Corn and Peas

Dinner Rolls

  • Variety Dinner Roles (NOT Parker House)

Cold Salad Buffet

  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Tossed Greens
  • Couscous Salad 
  • Beet Salad
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Roast Potato Salad
  • Baby Carrots
  • Melons and Grapes
  • Green Apple Slices
  • Cocktail Sauce
  • Coconut Panna Cotta
  • Garden Patch Cottage Pie 

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The Diamond Horseshoe ($$)

Chuck Wagon Platters

Smoke Stuffed-Peppers (no cornbread/ask about slaw)— $19.00

-serrano peppers, plant-based stuffing, slaw, and lemon-pepper sauce served with jalapeño-cheddar cornbread and your choice of 2 Fixin’s

The Fixin’s

Harvest Beans

Seasonal Vegetables

Mixed Green Salad (ask about dressing options)


Campfire Apple Cake — $8.00

-caramel and whipped topping

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Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen ($$)


Falls Family Falafel — $10.00

-a secret recipe of chickpeas, garlic, onions, lemon juice, and herbs served with house-made edamame hummus and toasted pumpkin seeds

Shiriki Noodle Salad — $11.00

-noodles, edamame beans, mushrooms, green mango, and cucumber tossed with a sweet chili sauce


Curried Vegetable Stew Crew — $19.00

-seasonal vegetables and pineapple tofu in a house-made curry sauce served with coconut rice

Perkins Thai Noodles — $25.00

-tofu, seasonal vegetables, and rice noodles tossed in a spicy soy-chili-garlic sauce


Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight — $9.00

-lime “panna cotta” served with mango-lime sorbet, fresh fruit, and a brazil nut cookie

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Liberty Tree Tavern ($$)

All-You-Can-Eat Lunch/Dinner: (Adult $39.00/Child Ages 3–9 $21.00)


Roasted Vegetable and Tomato Soup — $9.00

Declaration Salad (ask about dressing options) — $3.00


Revolutionary Meatloaf — $21.00

-plant-based meatloaf, mashed potatoes, garden vegetables, and mushroom gravy

Portobello Pot Roast — $24.00

-hearty mushrooms, garden vegetables, and brown gravy


Johnny’s Appleseed’s Warm Apple Cake — $8.00

-caramel and whipped topping

Seasonal Sorbet — $9.00

-a no sugar added dessert with berries

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The Plaza Restaurant ($$)

Breakfast Entrées

Plaza Breakfast Plate — $16.00

-two plant-based bratwurst sausages served over “eggs” with a side of breakfast potatoes

Breakfast Sides

Oatmeal — $5.00

Fresh Fruit — $5.00

Lunch Appetizers

Wedge Salad — $9.00

-half wedge of iceberg lettuce served with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers topped with plant-based Ranch dressing

Lunch Entrées

The Plaza Burger — $17.00

-plant-based patty served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and choice of onions and sides. Served with your choice of seasonal vegetables, homemade chips, or french fries.

Lunch/Dinner Desserts

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding Topped with Chocolate Sauce and Soy Milk Frozen Dessert — $9.00

Dinner Entrées

Bangers and Mash — $22.00

-two plant-based bratwurst sausages served over mashed potatoes, topped with caramelized onions, creamy mushroom gravy, served with a side of broccolini

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Tony’s Town Square Restaurant ($$)


Garden Salad — $12.00

-mixed greens tossed with house vinaigrette, carrots, cucumber, tomato, and radishes

Bread with Olive Oil — Free (comes with meal)

-the bread is vegan as is


Spaghetti and Mushroom Meatballs — $22.00

-freshly made spaghetti, Tony’s Marinara Sauce, and mushroom meatballs


Raspberry Sorbet — $7.00

-a no-sugar-added dessert

Italian Strawberry Shortcake — $8.50

-vanilla cake with whipped topping, balsamic marinated strawberries, and fresh basil

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