Blaze Pizza Vegan Options

Blaze Pizza Vegan Options

Blaze Pizza Vegan Options

Known for its fast-fired pizzas, Blaze Pizza is a well-known and affordable place to order pizza. And yes, there is an entirely vegan pizza on their menu!

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Unlike many other pizza restaurants, vegans are not left out at Blaze. Not only do they have a ready-to-order Vegan Pizza on their menu, but you can also customize a plant-based pizza to your liking.

And that’s not the only thing that sets it apart from other pizza chains. At this fast-casual restaurant, they have a made-to-order approach where you can choose from an array of toppings at no extra charge.

That’s right, you don’t have to limit yourself to two toppings or have to fork over more money for a third. Customize your vegan pizza exactly the way you want it!

It will also be out in no time — each Blaze Pizza is cooked in an extremely hot oven for 180 seconds, hence their famous “fast fire’d” pizzas.

Even though there is a Blaze Vegan Pizza on their menu, I still had some lingering questions about my plant-based choices. I did some research, and I’ve compiled a list of all the Blaze Pizza Vegan Options into one easy, interactive guide.

Blaze Pizza Vegan option
Plant-based Option at Blaze Pizza: Pizza with original crust, red sauce, vegan cheese, spicy vegan chorizo, black olives, arugula, cherry tomatoes, basil, roasted red peppers, and mushrooms.

This guide was verified using a variety of resources on their website, including the Blaze Pizza Allergen Guide. If you have any other allergies or dietary restrictions, use this guide to filter options that fit your diet!

Another great resource is their nutrition calculator. Here, you can search for any menu item and see all of the ingredients.


Guide: Blaze Pizza Vegan Menu

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  • Vegan Pizza
    • regular dough, red sauce, vegan cheese, spicy chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, basil, olive oil drizzle


Build-Your-Own Pizza



  • original dough
  • high-rise dough



  • red sauce
  • spicy red sauce



  • vegan cheese



  • spicy chorizo (vegan)



  • artichokes
  • banana peppers
  • basil
  • black olives
  • cherry tomatoes
  • chopped garlic
  • green bell peppers
  • jalapeño peppers
  • kalamata olives
  • mushrooms
  • pineapple
  • red onions
  • red peppers
  • roasted butternut squash
  • roasted garlic
  • sauteed onion
  • spinach
  • zucchini



  • arugula
  • BBQ Drizzle
  • Buffalo sauce
  • olive oil drizzle
  • balsamic glaze
  • oregano
  • sea salt

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blaze Pizza dough knots vegan?

  • No, the dough knots are not vegan as they contain mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
Is Blaze Pizza cauliflower crust vegan?
  • No, the cauliflower crust is not vegan as it contains cheese and egg whites. The keto crust is also not vegan.
Is Blaze Pizza chorizo vegan?
  • Yes, the chorizo here is always vegan.

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Menu items are always subject to change — if you see any new vegan options or any menu items that are no longer available, please contact me or leave a comment below!

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