Jimmy John’s Vegan Options

Jimmy Johns Vegan Options

Jimmy John’s Vegan Options

With over 2,500 locations in the United States, Jimmy John’s is a very popular place to pick up a sandwich or sub. But if you’re vegan, you might be worried about many of the choices, including the bread options, cheeses, and condiments.

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JJ’s is one of the many fast-food chains that have released a comprehensive allergy menu. This makes it easy for people on a plant-based diet to find out which options they can eat.

This list of Jimmy John’s Vegan Options was verified using their allergy menu. If you are vegan but also have an allergy (like a nut allergy), you can check out the official Jimmy Johns Allergen menu here.

While this allergen menu is extremely helpful, to find all of the vegan options at Jimmy John’s, you still have to go through each individual item one-by-one.

If a product is vegan, there will not be a checkmark in the milk, eggs, and fish/shellfish categories. (And it will also not be a meat product, obviously.)

But why spend all this time going through their entire menu? Instead, check out this easy guide to eating vegan at Jimmy Johns!


Jimmy John’s Vegan Menu (Guide)

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Choose Your Bread

  • French Bread
  • 9-Grain Baguette
  • Thick-Sliced Wheat
  • Unwich (lettuce wrap)


Choose Your Sandwich

  • #6 The Veggie (without cheese and mayonnaise)



  • Avocado Spread (guacamole)



  • Veggies
    • sliced pickles
    • onion
    • Jimmy peppers
    • cucumber
    • tomato
    • lettuce
  • Sauces and Herbs
    • Jimmy mustard
    • grey Poupon
    • yellow mustard
    • oil & vinegar
    • oregano-basil



  • Jimmy Chips
    • regular
    • thinny chips
    • BBQ
    • Jalpeño
  • Jumbo Kosher dill pickle

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jimmy John’s bread vegan?

Yes, all of JJ’s bread is vegan-friendly.

Does JJ’s have vegan cheese?

No, JJ’s does not have a vegan cheese option.

Is Jimmy John’s Avocado Spread vegan?

Yes! JJ’s avocado spread is plant-based.

Does JJ’s have a vegan sandwich?

They have a vegetarian sandwich but not a vegan sandwich. But, you can make it vegan by removing the cheese and mayonnaise.

Where can I find Jimmy John’s nutrition information?

You can find JJ’s official nutrition guide here!

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Menu items are always subject to change — if you see any new vegan options or any menu items that are no longer available, please contact me or leave a comment below!

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