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Vegan Options at P.F. Changs

With an entire vegetarian section on their menu, you should have no trouble eating vegan at P.F. Chang’s!

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While it might be hard to find plant-based menu items at other Chinese restaurants, this isn’t the case with P.F. Chang’s. That is, if you know what to expect when you go there.

I recently dined at P.F. Chang’s, and when I told the server I was vegan, they told me that I couldn’t have any fried food, including the fried food on the vegetarian menu.

When I asked why not, I was shocked to hear that all of their fried food is fried with oyster sauce — yikes! (But wait, this didn’t turn out to be the entire truth.)

Dumbfounded as to why P.F. Chang’s would list something with a seafood product as vegetarian, I reached out to the Chinese restaurant to get some clarification.

As it turns out, the restaurant does use an “oyster” sauce when they fry food, but this sauce is completely plant-based.

This is a really confusing way to label the food, and it’s understandable why the server thought that I couldn’t eat any of the food listed in the vegetarian section.

Although I ended up eating very bland, steamed food instead of the stir fry I wanted, I now know there are many vegan options at P.F. Chang’s to order.

P.F. Chang’s Allergen Menu

To find vegan food at P.F. Chang’s, a good place to start is their allergen menu. There are 14 allergens listed on this menu, including allergens to watch out for if you’re trying to eat plant-based: milk, egg, fish, and shellfish.

This is also a great resource if you have any other food allergies or sensitivities, but make sure you always tell your server when you order so you can avoid cross-contamination.

While all of the menu items are listed on the allergen menu, know that you can still modify some items if you need to. If a product contains a specific allergen you’re trying to avoid, ask the server if you can modify it to avoid the allergen.

P.F. Chang’s Nutrition

If you’re health-conscious and need a more in-depth look at P.F. Chang’s nutritional information, check out their nutrition guide.

Here you can find information like calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar, and more for all of the menu items at this chain restaurant.

A nutrition guide like this is also helpful in narrowing down the P.F. Chang’s vegan options. Because no vegan option will ever have cholesterol, you can eliminate any menu item that contains cholesterol! (But of course, you might be able to modify that product to make it vegan)

Vegan Options

You can go through P.F. Chang’s menu item-by-item or wait to ask your server about the vegan options, but it’s nice to know what you’re going to order beforehand so you’re not disappointed by the lack of options.

To make it easier on you, I’ve done all the research and even reached out to customer service when I wasn’t sure about a menu item. To learn how to eat vegan at P.F. Chang’s, just check out my easy vegan guide below!


P.F. Chang’s Vegan Menu

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  • Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps
  • Edamame (listed as containing eggs, but shouldn’t because they’re steamed — just be sure to ask!)
  • Chili Garlic Green Beans



  • cucumber-avocado roll (not on the menu but they can do it — I ordered it!)



  • Buddha’s Feast
    • Five-spice tofu, savory sauce, asparagus, shiitakes, broccoli, carrots
  • Stir-Fried Eggplant
    • Chinese eggplant, sweet chili soy glaze, green onion, garlic
  • Thai-Harvest Curry (seasonal)
    • Red curry, butternut squash, five-spice tofu, rustic vegetables, Asian mushrooms, topped with Fresno peppers.



  • steamed white or brown rice


Frequently Asked Questions

Are P.F. Chang’s fortune cookies vegan?

  • No, P.F. Chang’s fortune cookies are not vegan. This information is not included on the allergen menu, so we reached out to P.F. Chang’s for the answer.

Are P.F. Chang’s spring rolls vegan?

  • No, the spring rolls are not vegan as they contain milk, eggs, and shellfish.

Are P.F. Chang’s crispy green beans vegan?

  • No, the crispy green beans contain egg and shellfish.

Are the vegetarian lettuce wraps vegan?

  • Yes, the vegetarian lettuce wraps are vegan!

Does P.F. Chang’s use oyster sauce in their vegetarian menu items?

  • They use an “oyster” sauce, but it is completely plant-based — just a confusing way to label it! Here is the message I received from customer service:

Our sugar is vegan and our vegetarian oyster sauce is made from mushrooms. Our vegetarian entree options do not contain animal products, although we do not call them vegan.

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Menu items are always subject to change — if you see any new vegan options or any menu items that are no longer available, please contact me or leave a comment below!

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