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Rainforest Cafe Menu

If you plan on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you have to dine at Rainforest Cafe at least once!

Whether you have lunch or dinner in this restaurant, you will have a remarkable experience feeling like you are dining in the middle of the rainforest. About every thirty minutes, there will be a “storm” — lights will dim and all of the animals in the rainforest will move around at the sound of the thunder.

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Because this is such a unique and popular restaurant to dine at, it was really disappointing a few years ago when there weren’t many vegan options. Thankfully, Disney has added many new plant-based options to their menus, and now you can get quite a few vegan options at Rainforest Cafe.

rainforest cafe menu

It’s hard to tell what exactly is vegan at this restaurant, as the leaves next to the menu items don’t signify that they are plant-based—they just mean that they are house favorites.

I’ve dined at this restaurant and asked servers about the vegan options a few times, so I’m confident that the list below contains all of the plant-based options available. But as always, check with your server as Disney menu items can change at any time.


Rainforest Cafe Vegan Options


Soups and Salads

Paradise House Salad (ask about dressing options) — $8.99

-mixed greens, Roma tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, choice of dressing

Kale & Red Quinoa Salad — $16.99

-cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette

Sandwiches and Burgers

Beyond Burger (ask about bun/swiss) — $18.99

-plant-based patty, swiss, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickle served with choice of side

Anaconda Pasta (ask for no cheese)— $19.99

-gluten-sensitive quinoa pasta, local garden vegetables, basil, shaved parmesan, red pepper flakes, white wine tomato sauce


Seasonal Vegetables — $3.99

Safari Fries — $3.99


Mango Sorbet — $8.79


Rainforest Cafe Kale & Red Quinoa Salad

Rainforest Cafe Kale and Red Quinoa salad
Rainforest Cafe Kale and Red Quinoa Salad at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

While I have no complaints about the kale and red quinoa salad, I don’t feel like this should have been an entire meal. This would have made a better appetizer, but it was one of the only fully vegan options on the menu. I had to get a side of fries as well because I wasn’t totally full with just a salad!

It’s a step for this restaurant because they finally have some vegan options, but they definitely could do better.

Disney’s prices can change at any time. Be sure to check Disney’s current official menu before you go.

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