Smoothie King Vegan Options

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Smoothie King Vegan Options

With a focus on whole food ingredients, Smoothie King has many vegan smoothie flavors to choose from!

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Smoothie King wasn’t always about clean eating, but recently the franchise stepped up its game by focusing on using whole foods as ingredients and eliminating unnatural ingredients from their products.

You can check out Smoothie King’s Clean Blends promise here where they list over 50 unhealthy ingredients that will never be added to their smoothies.

While some of their smoothies contain animal products, it is very easy to order Smoothie King Vegan Smoothies at this restaurant.

Just keep in mind that cross-contamination may occur. So if you have a serious food allergy, be sure to voice your concerns when you order, or contact Smoothie King directly before you go.

There are four categories of smoothies to choose from depending on your goals and lifestyle:

  1. Fitness Blends —smoothies made with protein-rich ingredients that are perfect for pre- or post-workout
  2. Slim Blends — low-calorie smoothies (under 350 calories) that help you reach your weight-loss goals
  3. Wellness Blends — smoothies loaded with vitamins to help you maintain a healthy body
  4. Break Time Blends — flavorful smoothies to reward yourself with a tasty treat

If you want to quickly find a smoothie that’s right for you, take Smoothie King’s Fuel Finder quiz! The quiz narrows down their flavors by allowing you to set your goals, your flavor preferences, and any dietary restrictions.

To narrow down all of the vegan Smoothie King options, you have to look at the ingredients for each individual smoothie and compare them with the allergens in the ingredient guide.

But you don’t have to go through each smoothie one-by-one — I already did it for you! Check out the guide below to see a complete list of Smoothie King vegan options available!


Smoothie King Vegan Menu


Slim Blends

  • MangoFest Smoothie


Wellness Blends

  • Daily Warrior Smoothie
  • Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry Smoothie
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie
  • Vegan Mango Kale Smoothie
  • Vegan Mixed Berry Smoothie
  • Vegan Nutty Super Grain Smoothie
  • Vegan Pineapple Spinach Smoothie
  • Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale Smoothie
  • Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach Smoothie


Break Time Blends

  • Berry Punch Smoothie
  • Caribbean Way Smoothie
  • Lemon Twist Banana Smoothie
  • Lemon Twist Strawberry Smoothie
  • Passion Passport Smoothie
  • Strawberry X-Treme Smoothie



Fitness Enhancers

  • Sunwarrior Organic Vegan Protein

Energy Enhancers

  • Energy Boost Enhancer
  • Pure Recharge Enhancer

Wellness Enhancers

  • Fiber Blend Enhancer
  • Super Grains Enhancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smoothie King vegan smoothies healthy?

  • Smoothie King has recently shifted its focus to nutrition over flavor, so many smoothies contain whole foods and little to no processed ingredients. If you’re looking for the nutrients in a specific smoothie check out the Smoothie King nutrition guide!

What vegan protein does Smoothie King use?

  • The vegan protein option is Sunwarrior Organic Vegan Protein.

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Menu items are always subject to change — if you see any new vegan options or any menu items that are no longer available, please contact me or leave a comment below!

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