Vegan Croutons Brands

Vegan Croutons Brands

Are Croutons Vegan?

Whether you’re looking for a crunchy salad topper or a base for stuffing, check out these vegan croutons brands!

Most croutons are made with milk or egg products and are therefore not vegan. Even if the bread itself is vegan-friendly, many seasoned croutons include some animal products as flavorings.

The good news is that there are actually many brands that offer vegan croutons — even if many of the brand’s crouton varieties are not vegan friendly. This list will help you locate the plant-based croutons that are easy to find either in stores or online.

The vegan crouton brands listed near the top of the list are easier to find, highly rated, and the most popular. The ones near the bottom are only sold at select stores or online, but these will be perfect if you can’t find any of the brands near the top!

If you are on any other special diets besides a plant-based diet, read the description for the product to see if it has any other certifications (like Kosher, organic, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and more).

Ingredients can always change, so be sure to read the most recent product labels and allergen warnings before purchasing any of the products on this list.


Vegan Croutons Brands

Fresh Gourmet Organic Seasoned Croutons

Fresh Gourmet Organic Seasoned Croutons

Buy Online:  Amazon

Fresh Gourmet is one of the most popular crouton brands, and one of their crouton varieties is vegan-friendly! Although not labeled vegan, Fresh Gourmet Organic Seasoned Croutons are accidentally vegan. All of the ingredients are certified organic, so you can be sure that the sugar is vegan. Also, there are no questionable “natural flavors” ingredients; all of the ingredients are named and plant-derived!

You can buy this product at many grocery stores including Walmart, HEB, Giant Food, and more. Use their product locator to find the closest store to you! If you want to order these vegan seasoned croutons online, you can order them in bulk from Amazon!

Edward & Sons Vegan Croutons

Edward & Sons Vegan Croutons

Buy Online: Amazon | Edward & Sons

If you’re looking for more variety, Edward & Sons has four different flavors of vegan croutons! Choose between Garlic Parmezen, Zesty Ranch, Savory Onion, and Italian Herbs. They are all Vegan, USDA Organic, and Kosher Certified.

You can buy these croutons online from the Edward & Sons website or from the their official Amazon store. If you want to buy these croutons in-store, use the Edward & Sons store locator to find a store near you that carries this brand. However, stores may not carry all Edward & Sons products, so call ahead to make sure they have the croutons that you want.

Olivia’s Croutons

Olivia's Croutons vegan

Buy Online:  Amazon |

Olivia’s is known for making gluten-free croutons, but they also offer two vegan crouton varieties for those on plant-based diets. You can try Olivia’s Multigrain with Garlic croutons or the Organic Garlic & Herb croutons, which are both vegan-friendly! (Note: these varieties are not gluten-free, but the other Olivia’s croutons are.)

If you want to try out this brand, you can purchase these croutons online from Olivia’s Croutons website or from Amazon! (Selection may vary on Amazon.)

Kelly’s Croutons

Kellys Croutons


All Kelly’s products are 100% vegan, and there are two vegan crouton varieties to choose from: Gourmet Cheezy Garlic and Cinnamon Toast Croutons! In addition to being vegan-friendly, these croutons are also soy-free and not made with palm oil.

You can order Kelly’s Croutons directly from their website, but you can also find them in select grocery stores across the US. Check out this page to see if Kelly’s croutons are near you! You can also find them on Amazon, but I was reluctant to post a link because Kelly’s does not have an official store on Amazon.

Carrington Farms “Crounons”

carrington farms croutons

Buy Online:

If you are looking for vegan and gluten-free croutons, check out Carrington Farms! They have two crouton varieties (Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt and Garlic & Parmesan) that are both plant-based, gluten free, and USDA organic!

You can find the closest store near you that carries Carrington Farms Crounons by using their product locator. Make sure you search by product so you know which stores carry the croutons and not just the other products. You are most likely to find these croutons at popular grocery stores like Kroger. but you can also order these products from the Carrington Farms website!

365 Whole Foods Market Organic Seasoned Croutons

365 Whole Foods Market Seasoned Croutons

Buy Online: Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery

If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby, their 365 brand makes a vegan crouton option! The Organic Seasoned Croutons are vegan-friendly and USDA certified organic. You can only buy this brand at Whole Foods, but you can also have these croutons shipped right to your door with Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery! (You must have a Whole Foods nearby.)

Simple Truth Organic Seasoned Croutons

Simple Truth Seasoned Croutons

Although not labeled vegan or plant-based, Simple Truth Organic Seasoned Croutons are accidentally vegan! These croutons, which are seasoned with garlic, onion, and parsley, have no questionable ingredients, and the sugar is organic so it is not processed with bone char!

You can only buy these croutons at Kroger stores or any of the Kroger affiliates (Fred Meyer, Frys, Smith’s, Pick n Save, King Soopers, Ralphs, and more). Use Kroger’s store locator to see if there are any Kroger stores near you!

GreenWise Organic Seasoned Croutons

GreenWise Seasoned Croutons

Just like the previous two brands, Publix also has its own vegan-friendly seasoned croutons. GreenWise Organic Seasoned Croutons — sold exclusively at Publix — are accidentally vegan! Because they are organic, you don’t have to worry about the sugar being processed with bone char. Also, there are no questionable ingredients like “natural flavorings” or “spices.”

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