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It’s easy to find trendy footwear that’s not made from an animal! As more people become informed consumers, vegan fashion brands are popping up all over the world.

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During the spring and summer months, don’t show off your open-toed shoes made from animal skin, dyes, and gelatin-based adhesives.

Instead, you can purchase a cruelty-free alternative. I’ve created a list of trendy vegan sandals that’ll make your search much easier.

To help you narrow down your options, I’ve highlighted key points about each brand, including price ranges, style options, where you can buy them, and any other important information, including environmental sustainability information.

With this Vegan Sandals Guide, you can quickly find brands that are:

  • In your price range
  • the type you’re looking for (women’s, men’s, kids’, etc.)
  • available in your location (or will ship to you)
  • eco-friendly

This list of vegan sandals will continue to grow as I discover new, trendy vegan brands. Be sure to come back in the spring to see what’s new!


Vegan Sandals Brands List


Birkenstock Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $80-$100
  • Style: Women’s Sandals
  • Highlight: This brand has sandals made with vegan leather
  • Where to Find: 90+ countries worldwide, including US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Shop Birkenstock vegan shoes here.

Birkenstock has an entire vegan shoe line to choose from! While the German shoe brand is not traditionally vegan, they have introduced a cruelty-free alternative that includes many styles and varieties.

Traditional Birkenstocks are made with leather, but the vegan collection uses birko-flor, a synthetic, durable material that isn’t made from animals.

Birkenstock sandals, including their vegan sandals, are more expensive than many brands, but you are paying for high-quality footwear that will last a long time.

This brand is perfect if you are looking for vegan walking sandals. Birkenstock shoes are known for having a contoured footbed that prioritizes comfort and support — perfect for a long day on your feet.

Because Birkenstock shoes are durable, they are pretty sustainable because you won’t be tossing them in a couple of years. They are also manufactured using renewable resources, like cork and latex. Read more about Birkenstock and sustainability here.


Teva Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $20–$120
  • Style: Women’s, Men’s, Kids’
  • Highlight: All Teva shoe straps are made from recycled plastic
  • Where to Find: many countries worldwide, including US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Shop Teva vegan shoes.

Teva shoes are designed for exploration, so make this your go-to brand for vegan hiking sandals. Not all Teva shoes are vegan-friendly, but they have many varieties in their vegan collection.

Because Teva’s shoes are made for the outdoors, the brand focuses on environmental sustainability. And now, all of the straps on their sandals are made from recycled plastic:

Starting in 2020, all iconic straps across our entire product line will be made from traceable, verifiable recycled plastic.

Although the sport sandals were created by a raft guide in the Grand Canyon, they are shipped all over the world. Use their store locator to find Teva shoes near you!


Toms Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $40–$100
  • Style: Women’s Sandals
  • Highlight: Toms is a certified B Corp, meaning it meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance.
  • Where to Find: Toms shoes are sold in many countries all over the world, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Shop Toms vegan shoes for women here.

While Toms has shoes for men, women, and kids, finding a specific style of vegan shoes from this brand isn’t as easy. Toms vegan sandals are available, but mainly for women.

To find vegan shoes from Toms, go on their website and hover over “shoes” in any category. Then, within the style filter, filter for vegan shoes only, so only these varieties will be shown.

Their vegan collection definitely narrows down your options, but you’ll be sure to find some cute, vegan sandals in the mix! Check out this brand if you’re looking for trendy, everyday vegan sandals.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $100–$130
  • Style: women’s and men’s
  • Highlight: Their signature style is leather sandals — particularly gladiator sandals (with vegan varieties, of course)
  • Where to Find: Dr. Martens will ship to many countries worldwide, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Shop Dr. Martens vegan sandals here.

Dr. Martens, also known ad Docs or Doc Martens, is an English shoe and clothing brand. Their shoes are known for being extremely durable and comfortable — hence the term “airwair” which refers to the brand’s air-cushioned sole.

An overwhelming majority of Docs are made with leather, but due to consumers’ demands, the brand began releasing vegan alternatives to their popular footwear. Now men and women can wear identical-looking but cruelty-free versions of these trendy gladiator sandals.

Dr. Martens shoes are on the expensive side, but the durability makes the price worth it. They even teach you how to care for your Docs on their website.


Chaco Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $50–$130
  • Style: women’s, men’s, kids
  • Highlight: Chaco maximizes comfort with excellent arch support and strap adjustability.
  • Where to Find: Find Chacos in-store or have them shipped to you in the US or Canada.

Chaco shoes come in both vegan and non-vegan varieties, so you just have to be sure to read the description of each pair before buying! All vegan shoes will say “vegan-friendly construction” in the product description. You can also see their vegan shoes here.

Chaco has vegan slides, hiking sandals, and flip flops. All of their products are designed to be durable and comfortable, providing arch support to prevent muscle fatigue.

The strappy sandals are adjustable so they won’t slip from your feet, and they come in a wide variety of patterns (and some are customizable!).


Lulus Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $18–$130
  • Offerings: women’s
  • Highlight: Lulus offers trendy (but super affordable)vegan sandals made with faux leather!
  • Where to Find: Online only — Lulus products are made in New York and ship all over the world, including to all US territories, the UK, Canada, and Australia!

Lulus is an online retail company that sells women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. While they manufacture their own products in the USA, they also sell products from other companies like Steve Madden.

Lulus has an extensive collection of faux leather vegan sandals. You can browse them all here.

The most notable thing about Lulus, aside from having stylish vegan footwear, is that their products are very affordable. The other brands they sell might be a little pricy, but you can snatch up a pair of Lulus vegan sandals for as little as $20!

Koi Footwear

Koi Footwear Brand Overview (vegan sandals):

  • Price Range: $35–$50
  • Offerings: women’s
  • Highlight: Koi Footwear is a 100% vegan brand!
  • Where to Find: Manufactured in China, Koi Footwear ships worldwide, including to the US, Australia, UK, and Canada.

Koi Footwear is a 100% vegan shoe brand! Every pair of shoes you find on their site is vegan-friendly, which is hard to find! You can browse their vegan sandals here.

Koi Footwear does offer men’s vegan shoes, but they do not have many varieties of men’s sandals. That’s why I listed them for only for women.

If you’re concerned about sustainability, you can read about Koi Footwear ethics here.

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