Vegan Bacon Bits Brands

Vegan Bacon Bits Brands

It might come as shocking news, but most store-bought bacon bits are accidentally vegan!

Many of these brands aren’t labeled vegan or even vegetarian, leading many people to believe that they are eating real bacon when they are actually eating a plant protein — most often soy.

Because most of these products aren’t labeled vegan, you might be hesitant about eating them. If that’s the case, choose one that is labeled vegetarian or vegan so that you know there are no animal ingredients used to make the product. (And obviously, there is no milk or cheese in these products, so you don’t have to worry about that.)

It’s important to note that just because these products aren’t made from actual meat, they are by no means health foods. They are highly processed and get their vibrant red color from a combination of synthetic dyes.

But if you just want a quick vegan bacon bits substitute and don’t mind that they are not labeled vegan and are not particularly healthy, choose one of the following fake bacon bits products below.

Ingredients can change at any time so be sure to read the most updated label information before buying any of the products on this list. Also, because some the products on this list are not labeled or certified vegan, it’s left to your discretion whether or not to consume them.

Badia Imitation Bacon Bits

Badia Imitation Bacon Bits

Badia is one of my go-to spice brands because it is more affordable compared to other brands. Made primarily from soy, Badia’s imitation bacon bits are vegan-friendly and gluten free! Look for this brand at any major grocery store like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, and more! You can also order this product online from Amazon!

McCormick Imitation Bacon Bits

McCormick Bacon Bits

Another easy-to-find brand is McCormick, and their bacon bits are also vegan-friendly! These imitation bacon bits contain “natural flavors” which are sometimes not vegan, but if you take a quick look at the FAQ section, a representative of the company already clarified that there are no animal-derived ingredients in this product.

Like Badia, you can find McCormick spices at nearly every major grocery store in the US. You can also buy McCormick bacon bits from Amazon if you prefer to shop online!

Frontier Co-Op Bac’Uns Vegetarian Bits

Frontier Co-Op Vegetarian Bits

If you want to buy imitation bits that are labeled vegetarian, check out Frontier Co-Op Bac’Uns Vegetarian Bits! These fake bacon bits are vegan-friendly, organic, and Kosher.

You can find Frontier Co-Op Bac’Uns Vegetarian bits at stores like Whole Foods, Publix, Sprouts, Meijer, Hy-Vee, and more. Use their product locator to find a store near you. You can also order these vegan bacon bits right from Amazon!

It’s Delish Imitation Bacon Bits

It's Delish Imitation Bacon Bits

Another great choice is It’s Delish Imitation Bacon Bits! These bacon bits are labeled Kosher, and they confirm that they are vegan friendly in the description on their site: “These Imitation Bacon Bits contain no MSG and are made from soy flour, making them a welcome addition to vegetarian and vegan dishes.”

You can find It’s Delish bacon bits at many stores including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, and more. You can also order this product from Amazon, and there are many sizes to choose from.

Cool Foods Veggie Bacon Bits

Cool Foods Veggie Bacon bits

If you want a bacon bits brand that is labeled vegan so that you can be absolutely sure that there are no animal products involved, go with Cool Foods Veggie Bacon bits! These plant-based bacon bits are made with pinto beans and are soy-free. They are also Kosher, gluten free, and non-GMO.

This is a smaller company, so your best bet is to buy them online either from Amazon or directly from Cool Foods. If you want to try to find them in stores, check out the retailers that carry this product. You can sometimes find them in Whole Foods.

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