Vegan English Muffins Brands

Vegan English muffins brands

Are English Muffins Vegan-Friendly?

When you have English muffins handy, you can make a quick, easy, fulfilling breakfast! But, make sure you’re only buying Vegan English Muffins Brands by using this helpful guide!

English muffins are a type of bread this is round, flat, and sliced horizontally. You can top them with nearly anything, including vegan butter, jam, tofu scramble, or plant-based sausage or bacon.

However, the main ingredients in English muffins often include eggs and/or milk — including store-bought English muffins! Luckily there are many brands that offer vegan English muffins that taste just as great.

I’ll let you know if the brand is certified vegan or simply labeled vegan by the company. Strict vegans will probably want the products that are certified vegan instead of the ones that are just labeled vegan because the chance of crossing contamination is much lower.

You can also find out if a brand has any other certifications (like gluten-free or Kosher)in the description.

Ingredients can change at any time. Be sure to always check the label before purchasing to ensure it is still vegan-friendly.


Vegan English Muffins Brands

Dave’s Killer Bread English Muffins

Daves Killer Bread English Muffins

Not only are Dave’s Killer Bread English Muffins vegan-friendly, but they are also a better-for-you alternative compared to many English Muffin brands! Both DBK English muffin varieties — Killer Classic and Rockin’ Grains — are certified organic, Kosher certified, and non-GMO.

Although they are not certified vegan, DBK clearly states on their FAQ page that every one of their products besides the Sweet Oats and Flax bread is vegan. You can buy these English muffins at many stores, including Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods, Target,  Kroger, The Fresh Market, Safeway, and more! Use their product locator to find the closest store to you!

Food for Life English Muffins

Food For Life English Muffins

Buy Online: Amazon Whole Foods Delivery

Food for Life has the largest variety of English muffins, and they are ALL VEGAN! Try any of these delicious vegan flavors: 7 Sprouted Grains, Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Whole Grains, Sprouted Grain Flax, Sprouted Whole Grain, Brown Rice (GF), and Multi-Seed (GF). If you are also gluten-free, this is one of the only brands that offers gluten free vegan English muffins! Note: Ezekiel 4:9 is a Food for Life brand.

You can find Food for Life English muffins at many different grocery stores, but it’s best to check their store locator to make sure your store carries the variety you are looking for. Look for this brand at your local Walmart, Publix, Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway, and more! If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby, you might be able to have these shipped to you with Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery!

Rudi’s Bakery English Muffins

Rudi's Bakery Organic English muffins

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Rudi’s Bakery makes three varieties of English muffins — Multigrain Flax, White, and Whole Grain — and all three of them are vegan! Rudi’s Bakery is known for making organic products as well as gluten-free products, but the English muffins are only certified USDA organic, not gluten-free.

You can find Rudi’s Bakery organic English muffins at many health foods stores, the most popular store being Whole Foods Market. However, these English muffins are also sold at local health food stores, so check their product locator to find the one closest to you! If you have a Whole Foods nearby that carries these Vegan English Muffins, you can also have them shipped to you with Amazon Prime Whole Foods Delivery!

Brands that Don’t Carry Plant-Based English Muffins

Many popular brands of English muffins still do not carry any vegan varieties. Because many people ask about them, here are some that I have already looked into:

  • Thomas’: There are currently no vegan Thomas’ English muffins available. Even the light varieties are made with whey.
  • Bays: There are no vegan varieties of Bays English muffins, including their sourdough muffin.

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