Vegan Flip Flops

Vegan Flip Flops Brands

Animal Products Used to Make Flip Flops

We all could use a pair of flip flops for the summer months, but unfortunately, many flip flops are made with leather! (Which isn’t even a durable option, as many leather products are not water-safe.)

The brands on this list all have vegan flip flops, which are not made from any animal products or byproducts. Not all of a brand’s flip flop options might be vegan friendly, so make sure to read the description to find out how to only shop for a brand’s vegan shoes!

I couldn’t include every brand on this list, but the brands listed here are the best vegan flip flops brands I could find. If you are looking for something specific, like waterproof flip flops, flip flops with good arch support, or stylish flip flops, just read below the brand to find out about the varieties they offer. If you’re in a hurry, just peek at the “quick look” sections to find out the most important things, including price ranges.

Besides leather being used to make flip flops, there are many other animal products used to produce footwear. Some, like glues and dyes, aren’t even listed in the description of the materials. But many brands are making an effort to label vegan shoes and making easy filters so you can shop for only vegan footwear!

Vegan Flip Flops Brands

Rainbow Sandals Flip Flops

Vegan Rainbow Sandals Flip Flops

Buy Online: (See details)  |  Amazon

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $25 – $60
  • vegan flip flops with arch support for men and women

It’s not clear by just looking at their website, but I reached out to customer service, and it turns out that many styles of Rainbow Sandals Flip Flops are vegan! In fact, all of their hemp and rubber flip flops are vegan-friendly. (There are three categories: hemp, rubber, and leather.)

To see for yourself, here’s the email I received from Rainbow Sandals:

email from Rainbow Sandals saying that their hemp and rubber sandals are vegan-friendly
You can buy vegan flip flops for men and for women on the Rainbow Sandals website, but make sure to click on rubber or hemp as a filter. Also, you can purchase Rainbow Sandals flip flops on Amazon (but still make sure you are only purchasing hemp and rubber shoes)!

Reef Flip Flops

Reef Vegan Flip Flops

Buy Online:  |  Zappos  |  Amazon

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $13 – $80
  • comfortable, waterproof flip flops with good arch support

Reef has a large selection of shoes made for beach life! Not only are there many waterproof styles to choose from, but they also have flip flops specifically designed for maximum comfort. You can use the filters to look for shoes with good arch support, that have a cushioned footbed, or are waterproof.

Not all Reef flip flops are vegan-friendly, but when you find a pair you like, they make it easy to determine whether or not they are vegan. Just read the description of the shoe to see if it says leather or vegan leather. Also, vegan shoes will say “crafted with animal-friendly alternatives.” Alternatively, you can shop for Reef vegan flip flops on Zappos. Just click the filter “manmade” to find vegan styles, and when you click on a shoe, there will be a green “v” in the right-hand corner if it is vegan-friendly! They are also available on Amazon, but you have to click on each individual shoe to see if it is vegan.

Sanuk Flip Flops

Sanuk Vegan Flip Flops

Buy Online: | Zappos (see details)

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $15 – $60
  • comfortable vegan flip flops

Sanuk makes it incredibly easy to shop for vegan flip flops on their site. There is a vegan filter for women, men, and kids. Once you are on one of these vegan syles pages, you can click which type of shoe you are looking for and only see the vegan styles! For easy navigation, here’s how you shop vegan women’s shoes, vegan men’s shoes, or vegan kids shoes on the Sanuk website!

You can get a pair of everyday flip-flops from Sanuk, but they also have many fun prints and patterns that you can choose from! Their flip flops are also affordable and comfortable. Many have contoured footbeds and some are cushioned with yoga mat material! You can also find this brand on Zappos, but make sure it says “vegan” in the top right corner before you buy!

Freewaters Flip Flops

Freewaters Vegan Flip Flops

Buy Online:  |  Zappos  (see notes)

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $24 – $70
  • comfortable, durable, sustainable vegan flip flops

To shop for Freewaters vegan flip flops, select either mens or womens shoes at the top, and then choose sandals as the category. They don’t have a specific link for flip flops, but it’s easy to scroll through the sandals and pick some flip flops you like. To figure out if a pair is vegan, click “materials” in the description, and if it says vegan, you’re good to go!

Freewaters shoes are all made to be durable, comfortable, and sustainable. Many of them are also water-safe and will say so in the description. In addition to buying these shoes from the Freeewaters website, you can also purchase them on Zappos. Just make sure that there is a green “V” in the top right corner that says the flip flops are vegan.

OluKai Flip Flops

OluKai Flip Flops

Buy Online: Women’s Vegan | Men’s Vegan

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $60 – $90
  • largest selection of vegan water-safe sandals

OluKai has a HUGE selection of vegan water-safe flip flops for both men and women! Plus, they have an easy vegan filter that allows you to shop only vegan styles. For easy navigation, here’s where you can shop for vegan womens flip flops and vegan men’s flip flops.

You can also buy these flip flops on Zappos, but make sure to check on the OluKai website to ensure that the pair you are buying is vegan! I only saw a vegan filter for the men’s flip flops, but I know that many of the women’s styles on Zappos are also vegan-friendly.

Teva Flip Flops

Teva Vegan Flip Flops

Buy Online:  |  Zappos

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $25 – $40
  • fashionable active flip flops

If you’re looking for affordable active flip flops, you should definitely check out Teva! Although they might not always have as many vegan styles to choose from, this brand is well known for making supportive shoes for everyday wear or outdoor activities. Click on these links to find Teva Vegan Women’s flip flops and Vegan Men’s flip flops easily!

You can also buy Teva Vegan flip flops on Zappos, and they have a vegan filter! However, you can always find more styles on Teva’s website.

Old Navy Flip Flops

Old Navy Flip Flops

Buy Online:  Women’s  |  Men’s 

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $1 – $5
  • cheapest vegan flip flops

We’ve all probably had a pair of Old Navy Flip flops at one time or another (or two or three pairs … or maybe more). And that’s because they are the most inexpensive flip flops you will find that actually last a long time! And there’s good news: many Old Navy flip flops are vegan!

They are more than likely ALL vegan, but I don’t want to take any chances or mislead you. So just to be safe, when shopping for vegan Old Navy flip flops, only shop for the ones that say “100% synthetic materials” in the description of the materials. Here is an example of one of those flip flops. The only one that does not say this seems to be the classic flip flops for women. But again, there is no reason the “classic” flip flops for women should not be vegan, but I want to wait until the Old Navy website is updated to be sure.

Hunter Flip Flops

Hunter Flip Flops

Buy Online:

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $25 – $40
  • High quality vegan flip flops for men and women

Many Hunter Flip Flops are certified vegan, although they don’t usually have many styles because this brands primarily makes winter boots and rain boots. It’s easy to tell which styles are vegan — just click on a pair of flip flops, and if the pair is vegan, it will say “certified vegan” on the page!

There’s another convenient way to shop for vegan shoes on Hunter’s website, you can use The Hunter Vegan Edit page, which allows you to shop for only vegan footwear! I already selected the filter for flip flops, so those are the only types of shoes that will be shown in the link. But feel free to look at their other types of vegan footwear.

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