Vegan Sausage Brands

What is Plant-Based Sausage?

Vegan sausage is made from a combination of plant-based protein (most often soy, vital wheat gluten, or pea protein), spices, and a plant-based casing. This plant-based sausage casing is usually made from water, vegetable glycerin, and a starch. The end result is a plant-based sausage that looks and tastes similar to the real thing!

There are many different vegan sausage brands available today, but these are the best ones that are easy to find. This list only includes plant-based sausage brands that are made for lunch or dinner and not breakfast sausage.

Most of these products are vegan sausage links, but some of these brands offer sausage crumbles, grounds, or slices, and these are included as well.

You can usually find at least one of these brands at all major grocery stores in the US. Specialty health food stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Fresh Market may have more to choose from. If any brand of plant-based sausage is only sold at select stores, it will be mentioned in the description.

Ingredients are subject to change, so be sure to read the most updated label information before purchasing any of the products on this list.


Vegan Sausage Brands

Field Roast Vegan Sausage

Field Roast vegan sausages

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Field Roast Sausages are one of the most popular brands of vegan sausages, and there are a few flavors to choose from! These are the varieties of seitan sausages they offer: Smoked Apple & Sage, Italian Garlic & Fennel, Spicy Mexican Chipotle, and Caramelized Onions & Beer Bratwursts!

Lightlife Vegan Sausage

lightlife vegan sausages

Lightlife is another great brand to choose, and they have two different dinner sausage products to choose from: Plant-Based Italian Sausage and Plant-Based Bratwurst. These vegan sausages are made with a pea protein base.

Beyond Vegan Sausage

beyond sausage

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Beyond meat is served at so many restaurants these days as a plant-based meat substitute, and you can get their Beyond Sausage at many grocery stores! They have original, sweet Italian, and hot Italian to choose from, and they are made from a pea protein base.

Impossible Vegan Sausages

impossible sausage

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Impossible is a brand similar to Beyond, and they have a good selection of vegan dinner sausages to choose from! Some of these varieties include Italian links, Spicy links, and bratwursts! They also have savory and spicy vegan ground sausage!

Tofurky Vegan Sausage

tofurky vegan sausage

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Tofurky makes three varieties of plant-based sausage. The most popular variety is Italian, and they also make Beer Brats and Keilbasa!

Incogmeato Vegan Sausages

Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms is a line of plant-based meat replacements. There are two varieties of Incogmeato sausages: Plant-Based Original Bratwurst and Plant-Based Italian Sausage.

Gardein Sliced Vegan Sausages

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Gardein makes both plant-based sausage links and pre-sliced Italian Sausage! The sausage links come in Bratwurst and Spicy Italian, and the pre-sliced sausage is Italian style.

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