Vegan Tote Bags

So many tote bags are made from animal skins and furs, but all of the trendy vegan tote bags on this list are made from animal-friendly materials!

THEMOIRè Aria Tote

Price: $$

The THEMOIRè Aria tote is a mini tote bag that comes in multiple colors and variations. You can get this vegan-friendly tote in faux leather or faux shearling. This Italian brand aims to create trendy bags with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Stella McCartney Totes

Price: $$$$

If you’re looking for a designer vegan tote bag, Stella McCartney is your go-to brand. This brand has always been cruelty-free and never uses leathers, furs, feathers, or skin in any product. You can get the iconic Falabella tote, Frame Tote, or the logo tote in countless colors and styles.

Rothy’s Totes

Price: $$

Rothy’s totes have a minimalist aesthetic and are perfect for everyday use. These totes are made with marine plastics and recycled single-use plastic bottles. Plus, they are machine washable!

Nanushka Origami Totes

Price: $$$$

Another line of vegan-friendly designer tote bags comes from Nanushka. This designer brand has started using leather alternatives, including their exclusive OKOBOR fabric, which is made without animal skins or derivatives. These origami totes are made with vegan leather and can be folded down for easy storage.

Von Holzhausen Totes

Price: $$$

An Italian vegan leather bag company turned material innovation company, Von Holzhausen makes vegan-friendly, planet friendly bags (and they also happen make the vegan leather that lines Tesla’s seats). You can get vegan tote bags made from one of Von Holzhousen’s three innovative vegan-leather alternatives, and new styles are always dropping.

Lulu Dharma Tote Bags

Price: $

Lulu Dharma is a Los Angeles-based brand that makes vegan and sustainable bags. Even though these bags are very affordable, they have a designer look and feel.

Labante London Tote Bags

Price: $$

Labante London tote bags are made from environmentally conscious vegan leather, and none of their bags are made with PVC, which is a plastic with high toxicity levels. The company is transitioning to using even more sustainable vegan leathers in the future.

GUNAS Tote Bags

Price: $$

GUNAS is America’s first 100% vegan handbag brand! Shop GUNAS New York if you are looking for a tote bag with bold colors and designs.

Dange Dover Vegan Totes

Price: $$

If you’re looking for a vegan tote bag that will help keep you incredibly organized, check out Dange Dover’s vegan line of bags. Their tote bags have multiple slots and pouches for storage. These bags are made with vegan leather or organic cotton, and the linings are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Matt & Nat Tote Bags

Price: $$

Matt & Nat is a 100% vegan-friendly brand that specializes in vegan leather bags. You can find a large selection of vegan leather tote bags from this brand, and each style usually comes in multiple colors.

Everlane The New Day Market Tote

Price: $$$

While not all Everlane bags are vegan-friendly, The New Day Market tote is! This tote bag is an update from Everlane’s classic tote, and it is made from vegan leather alternatives that feel like true leather.

Scroll through this list to find the perfect vegan tote bag for you! Price ranges are listed for each brand so you can stay within your budget. And, this will help you easily spot the vegan designer tote bags if that’s what you’re looking for.

A couple vegan tote bags will be pictured for each brand, but there are usually more colors and styles to choose from. Feel free to use the links to browse more options from a brand you like!

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