Vegan Designer Bags

These are the most popular vegan designer handbag brands currently available. Each brand is either 100% vegan friendly or offers a line of vegan handbags.

Stella McCartney

Price: $$$$

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is a pioneer of vegan fashion. Since her brand’s beginnings in 2001, all of her products, including handbags, are vegan-friendly.

This luxury brand comes with a large price tag, but it has some fashion icons, including the “original vegan tote bag” Falabella and the Frayme Bucket bag, pictured above.


Price: $$$

Nanushka is a well-known luxury brand that sells a variety of vegan-friendly handbags. Clearly described at the top of their handbag page, Nanushka bags are made with alternative leathers and faux furs.

While most of the bags aren’t specifically labeled “vegan,” all materials are disclosed in the description for each bag. And, many of these are made with recycled materials.


Price: $

JW PEI is a Los Angeles-based brand that believes fashion should be accessible, sustainable, and cruelty-free. All of the products from this accessories brand are vegan-friendly, affordable, and perfect for those looking for a minimalist aesthetic.

Many JW PEI bags are under $100, and they often come in multiple colors.

Senreve (Vegan Line)

Price: $$$

Not all Senreve bags are vegan-friendly, but this luxury brand has a whole line of vegan-friendly bags! You can make many Senreve bags vegan by simply choosing a vegan material instead of leather. Shop Senreve if you’re looking for a feminine bag with a focus on versatility.

Senreve describes all of their leather and vegan leather materials in detail so that you can find the perfect vegan bag for you. Each material is rated on durability, shine, texture, water resistance, and more.

Angela Roi

Price: $$

Angela Roi is a 100% vegan luxury handbag brand fashion brand that offers designer bags at an approachable price. Angela Roi’s look is of timeless elegance, and with their high-quality vegan materials, you’ll be using these styles for years to come.

von Holzhousen

Price: $$

von Holzhousen was once just a vegan handbag brand, but it quickly expanded into a material innovation company.

Former car designer Vicki von Holzhousen’s vegan leather alternatives are now used to make furniture, car seats, airplane seats, and more, but you can still find her designer bags that come in three different types of innovative vegan leather.

GUNAS New York

Price: $$

Founded in 2009 by designer and animal lover Sugandh G. Agrawal, GUNAS is a 100% vegan fashion brand with a large selection of handbags. Many come in vegan “animal” prints like snakeskin and croc.

Most luxury bag brands use animal products like leather, fur, and suede in their handbags. But the vegan designer bags on this list prove that fashion doesn’t require animal cruelty.

While the words “luxury” or “designer” often mean expensive, some of the vegan bag brands on this list provide luxury quality while being completely affordable.

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