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Vegan Work Shoes Brands

Animal Products Used to Make Work Shoes

Most of us will have to buy work shoes at some point — those plain black or white shoes that can keep your feet comfortable while standing all day. But like many other types of shoes, they are often made from animal products! If you are looking for a cruelty-free alternative to these non-slip shoes, jump down to the list of vegan work shoes!

The most common animal product used to make work shoes is leather. Many brands of work shoes have waterproof leather outsoles. You probably won’t find animal furs on these shoes, since they are supposed to be plain looking to not draw attention.

There are numerous other animal products used to make footwear, including sneaky products like glues and dyes, but you can be sure that the vegan work shoes on this list are completely free of animal products!

This list includes many different types of vegan work shoes for both men and women. If a particular brand is known to be slip-resistant, comfortable/supportive, or has wide and narrow sizes, I’ll be sure to mention these features in the descriptions for each brand! Just make sure to read the descriptions so you can choose the shoes that are best for your needs.

Vegan Work Shoes Brands

Shoes for Crews

Shoes for Crews Vegan styles

Buy Online:   Women’s  | Men’s

Quick Look:

  • Price range: $35 – $110
  • this brand has the most vegan work shoe varieties and styles

Shoes for Crews specializes in slip-resistant footwear for work! Luckily, this company has a vegan filter on their site, so you can quickly and easily find vegan slip resistant shoes for women and men! When you visit the Shoes for Crews website, simply select “vegan” in the features category and it will only show you vegan footwear! In addition to their own brand, they also sell other brands of shoes (including New Balance) that you wouldn’t normally know were vegan!

This brand has the largest selection of cruelty-free work shoes. You can find comfortable and non-slip work shoes in sneakers, clogs, boots, and more! They have many pairs of faux leather work shoes as well as shoes for other specialized needs, like puncture resistant shoes and EH (electrical hazard)-rated shoes. If you find a vegan pair on their site, you can also order them from if you’d prefer!


Skechers Vegan Work Shoes

Buy Online:

Quick Look:

  • Price range: $60 – $80
  • multiple varieties of black and white work shoes

If you’re looking for affordable vegan non-slip work shoes for men and women, Skechers has many varieties to choose from! They have black and white work shoe options for both men and women. Their work shoes are slip-resistant and have an electrical hazard safe design, which protects against electrocution.

You can see all of the Skechers vegan work shoes here, however, this brings you to the UK Skechers store. The US Skechers site does not have a vegan shoe filter, but the UK one does, and the same shoes are sold in the US! If you are shopping in the US, just find the shoe you like and then search for it on the US Skechers store!

Dr. Martens Felix Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens Vegan Work Shoes

Buy Online:

Quick Look:

  • Price: $120
  • vegan leather shoes designed for comfort

Dr. Martens Felix Oxford shoe is a unisex work shoe that was “crafted for industry.” This shoe only comes in black with Doc Martens’ signature yellow stitching. While many Dr. Martens shoes are made with leather, these vegan leather work shoes are made with synthetic material without sacrificing quality.

This work shoe is not only slip-resistant, but it is also one of the most comfortable vegan work shoes. This is because this shoe has Dr. Martens’ iconic air-cushioned sole which is designed for maximum comfort. It might a few wears to break in a pair of Docs, but once you do, many claim that they are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn.

New Balance

New Balance Vegan Work shoes

Buy Online:   Women’s  | Men’s

Quick Look:

  • Price range: $80 – $110
  • popular work shoe brand

New Balance has vegan shoes, but unfortunately there is no vegan filter on their website. However, you can search for New Balance work shoes on and filter for vegan shoes! This is the only way I have found to find vegan New Balance shoes.

Because product supply changes frequently, you might not be able to find the same exact pair fo shoes on the New Balance website. If you can’t find the exact pair you want, just check out any of the other brands on this list!


atoms model 000 shoes

Buy Online:

Quick Look:

  • Price: $130
  • antimicrobial, slip on, and designed for comfort

Atoms Model 000 shoes are not specifically made for work, but are appropriate for many everyday activities, including “standing all day.” These shoes are on the expensive side, but they have many unique features that make them great work shoes.

First, atoms model 000s are made with antimicrobial copper insoles which kill bacteria and viruses and eliminate odors. Second, you only have to tie them once — their elastic laces allow you to slip them on and off effortlessly. For those that are standing for hours at a time, the lightweight soles provide a “cloud like cushioning.” Plus, you can truly find the perfect fit: atoms are the only shoes that come in quarter sizes! If you are in between a 7 and a 7-1/2, you can get a size 7-1/4!

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