Vegan Winter Boots Brands

This winter, don’t slide on a pair of boots made with animal skins. Instead, find a trendy pair of Vegan Winter Boots that will keep your feet warm without the use of animal products!

Not all winter boots are made equally. Some highlight comfort while others are made to hold up in the snow. Be sure to read the brand descriptions so that the brand you choose prioritizes the features you’re looking for.

As with my other vegan footwear guides, this list of vegan snow boots will continue to grow as I find new high-quality brands that offer vegan products. Check back each winter to see what’s new!

Hunter Winter Boots

About Hunter Boots:

  • Price Range: $75-$170
  • Varieties: women’s, men’s, and kids’

While not all Hunter boots are vegan, many of them are, and Hunter is very transparent about which boots are vegan-friendly. While shopping, all vegan boots will say “vegan-certified” in the product description.

To make shopping easier, go to The Hunter Vegan Edit page where all of the boots are vegan! Then, you can filter for snow boots, insulated boots, or waterproof boots, as well as filtering for men’s, women’s, and kids’.

Bearpaw Winter Boots

About Bearpaw boots:

  • Price Range: $65-$90
  • Varieties: women’s

You can now find vegan versions of your favorite Bearpaw winter boots! These styles look just like the calssic warm, fur-lined boots, but they instead use vegan microsuede and vegan glue to recreate your favorite styles without animal cruelty.

As of right now, they don’t offer men’s boots in vegan varieties, but you can shop all women’s vegan winter boots!

Kamik Snow Boots

About Kamik boots:

  • Price Range: $65-$180
  • Varieties: women’s, men’s, and kids’

Shop Kamik Vegan Boots:

If you’re looking for vegan snow boots, turn your attention to Kamik footwear!

This brand believes that there is no such thing as bad weather — only bad shoes. All of their boots are tested outdoors before being sold to make sure they withstand any cold weather condition, including snow, ice, and low temperatures.

Not all Kamik snow boots are vegan-friendly, but you can filter for only vegan boots by selecting the vegan category! You can shop women’s vegan boots or shop men’s vegan boots.

Pawj Winter Boots

About Pawj boots:

  • Price Range: $130-$150
  • Varieties: women’s boots

Pawj is a 100% vegan-friendly shoe brand, so feel free to browse through all of their winter boots without worry!

This brand offers both men’s and women’s shoes, but they only offer women’s winter boots. The women’s boots are warm, faux-fur lined boots (not waterproof snow boots), and they come in many styles and colors.

Skechers Winter Boots

About Skechers boots:

  • Price Range: $50-$85
  • Varieties: women’s

Skechers is a popular and easy-to-find brand, and they offer some varieties of vegan winter boots! When shopping on the Skechers website, you can filter for vegan shoes on some categories.

This filter option is available for women’s boots, and you can use it to find all current vegan-friendly women’s winter boots. Unfortunately, this filter is currently unavailable for men’s boots and kids’ boots.

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