Vegan Greek Yogurt Brands

vegan greek yogurt alternatives

Is Greek Yogurt Vegan?

Greek yogurt — like regular yogurt — is made from cultured cow’s milk. It’s thicker than regular yogurt because some of its liquids have been drained out. So, traditional Greek yogurt is not vegan-friendly.

However, some vegan dairy brands — specifically those that make vegan yogurt — have come out with vegan greek yogurt alternatives!

These plant-based greek yogurt products are thick, cultured yogurts made from non-dairy milk. To find the best vegan greek yogurt product for you, read the descriptions under each brand to learn more about their ingredients, certifications, and where to buy them!

The vegan greek yogurt brands on this list are not only for snacking. You can use them to make easy plant-based tzatziki sauce, add them to smoothies for extra protein and probiotics, or use them as vegan sour cream substitutes!

Ingredients are subject to change, so be sure to read the most updated label information before purchasing any of the products on this list.


Vegan Greek Yogurt Alternatives

Silk Greek Style Yogurt

silk greek style yogurt

Buy Online:  Instacart

Silk Greek Style Yogurt is one of the easiest dairy-free greek yogurt brands to find, and they have four different varieties to choose from! All made from coconut milk yogurt, you can choose between vanilla, strawberry, lemon, and blueberry! Unfortunately, they do not have plain greek yogurt, but Silk offers a plain regular vegan yogurt.

With Silk’s product locator, you can find any flavor of these Greek-style yogurts at a store near you! These can usually be found at stores like Publix, Safeway, Kroger, Shoprite, Shaws, Stop and Shop, HEB, and more!

Kite Hill Greek Style Yogurt

Kite hill greek style yogurt

Buy Online: Whole Foods (Amazon)

If you are looking for vegan plain greek yogurt, look for Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Greek Style yogurt! Not only does Kite Hill offer a plain variety, but you can also get Vanilla Unsweetened Greek Style Yogurt! These plant based yogurts are made with almond and soy milk.

You can expect to find Kite Hill Greek Style Yogurt at health food stores (usually at Whole Foods) and select other retailers. If you want to find the store closest to you that carries these products, use Kite Hill’s store locator!

Oatly Oatgurt Greek Style

patly oatgurt greek style

Currently not available in the US but available in the UK and some other locations, Oatly’s Oatgurt Greek Style is the perfect plant-based Greek Yogurt made from — you guessed it — oat milk!

Even though this product is not yet available in the US, keep an eye out because many other Oatly products (including Oatgurt Plain) are finding themselves on shelves in the USA, and Oatgurt Greek Style could be next!

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