Vegan Leather Backpacks

Although most leather backpacks are made with genuine leather, the vegan leather backpacks on this list are all made with faux leather alternatives!

Dr. Martens Vegan Leather Backpack

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for a designer vegan leather backpack, Dr. Martens recently released one! Dr. Martens is a well-known and high-quality shoe brand that has a whole vegan line, and now you can get its luxury logoed leather backpack. This backpack comes with a laptop sleeve and an external pocket.

Von Holzhausen Backpacks

Price: $$$$

Von Holzhausen is an Italian material innovation company that makes three types of premium vegan leather. Von Holzhausen backpacks are all vegan-friendly, and although they are some of the priciest vegan backpacks available, you can be sure they have the look and feel of genuine leather.

Senreve Vegan Backpack Purses

If you are looking for a vegan leather backpack purse, Senreve is the perfect brand to shop from! This designer bag brand has a whole vegan line, and their backpack purses (which come in three different sizes) are made from vegan saffiano. You can get these in multiple different colors, but colors are swapped often, somake sure to get your favorite color before it is sold out!

Monos Metro Backpack

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for the best vegan leather backpack for travel, check out Monos Metro Backpack. This backpack can fit nearly as much as a carry-on suitcase, and it comes with the Metro Classic Kit — a detachable pouch for extra storage. This backpack also has a 15″ laptop compartment, a waterproof privacy compartment, and a luggage sleeve to attach to a suitcase handle while traveling.

Azaria La Mère Grand

Price: $$

Azaria bags were originally made with genuine leather, but the brand has expanded to include a vegan line. The Azeria La Mère Grand backpack is perfect for someone looking for a non-toxic vegan leather backpack. This backpack is free from PVC, lead, and phthalates. You can use this backpack as a diaper bag or for work or school, as it has a 15″ laptop sleeve.

Mina Baie Vegan Backpacks

Price: $$

Just like Azaria, Mina Baie bags are designed for many different purposes, including work, school, shopping, and motherhood. Mina Baie is an LA-based brand that offers a vegan line of bags, including two vegan leather backpacks. These are made with microfiber vegan leather, have water-resistant linings, 13″ padded laptop sleeves, luggage sleeves, and multiple internal and external pockets.

Labante London Backpacks

Price: $$ – $$$

If you’re looking for vegan-friendly leather backpacks that are also sustainably made, Labante London backpacks might be for you! This brand not only has trendy mini backpacks, but it also offers timeless vegan leather backpacks made from recycled materials.

Matt & Nat Backpacks

Price: $ – $$

If you’re looking for a more affordable vegan leather backpack with a minimalist aesthetic, check out Matt & Nat’s backpacks! Matt & Nat is a Canadian accessories brand that is 100% vegan. This brand’s backpacks come in many different styles and colors, and you can find many styles under $100.

With so many vegan leather backpacks to choose from, I narrowed down the list to only the top brands. All of the backpacks on this list are either from designer or highly-rated brands so you know you’re getting a quality backpack.

You can find vegan backpacks perfect for work, school, or travel on this list. If you’re looking for a specific backpack feature, read the description below each brand to see what it different from the rest.

If you are shopping within a specific budget, you can also see the price ranges in the descriptions to quickly narrow down your choices. These are the backpack price ranges:

  • $ — (under $100)
  • $$ — ($100 – $199)
  • $$$ — ($200 – $299)
  • $$$$ — (over $300)

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