Vegan Wallets

Most wallets are made with genuine leather, but the vegan wallets on this list are all made without animal products!

Stella McCartney Wallets

Price: $$$

Stella McCartney is the only true luxury wallet brand that offers all vegan-friendly wallets. These wallets are more expensive than others on this list, but if a designer wallet is what you’re going for, this is the brand you should go with!

Von Holzhausen Wallets

Price: $$

Von Holzhausen is a vegan material innovation company, and they have faux leather products made from multiple types of vegan leather. These premium vegan leather wallets come in many different varieties, including fold wallets, zip-around wallets, accordion wallets, pouch wallets, and card holders.

Matt & Nat Wallets

Price: $

Matt & Nat is a 100% vegan-friendly accessories company. They have one of the largest selections of vegan wallets to choose from. Matt & Nat wallets are affordable, minimalist, come in many different colors and styles, and are all sustainably made.

Labante London Wallets

Price: $

Labante London is a cruelty-free fashion brand that makes ethical, sustainable, and accessible products. From this brand, you can expect to find designer-quality wallets that are very affordable.

Pixie Mood Wallets

Price: $

Pixie Mood is another completely vegan-friendly brand that creates cruelty-free and sustainable bags. Shop this brand if you want a minimalist and affordable wallet made from animal-friendly and planet-friendly materials. This brand also offers RFID-blocking vegan wallets!

Pixie Mood is very similar in price and style to Matt & Nat, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out Matt & Nat!

Doshi Wallets

Price: $

Doshi is a vegan leather accessories brand based in southern California. All Doshi products are 100% vegan-friendly, and they have a large selection of vegan wallets to choose from. While many brands only have women’s wallets, Doshi has both women’s and men’s vegan wallets.

Fossil Cactus Leather Wallets

Price: $$

Fossil makes high-quality wallets for both men and women, and their cactus leather wallet line is completely vegan! To shop only their cactus leather wallets, click “view all” under men’s or women’s wallets, and then filter for cactus leather in the materials section.

This vegan wallet list includes luxury vegan wallets that are more expensive, but it also includes many affordable vegan-friendly wallets. Price ranges will be listed for each brand so you can quickly shop within your budget.

Two best-selling wallets will be featured from each brand, but you can check out more colors and varieties by clicking on the shop button below the description.

This list will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back to see if any new vegan wallet styles and brands popped up!

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