Vegan Rain Boots

Vegan Rain Boots Brands

Animal Products Used To Make Rain Boots

It seems reasonable to think that all rain boots would be vegan because they are mostly made out of rubber (which is vegan-friendly). However, I have found that not to be the case with all rain boots. After a lot of research, these are the best vegan rain boots brands that are out there!

Just because a brand says that a pair of shoes is “made with faux leather” or “made with vegan products” does not mean that it does NOT contain any animal products. For example, just because the strap is made with vegan faux leather does not necessarily mean that the sole is also vegan-friendly.

From the outside, Uggs rainboots seem like they are vegan-friendly, but the insides are actually lined with sheepskin. You can also find leather on some rainboots; however, it is not that common since leather is not always water-safe.

Other than obvious non-vegan materials — like sheepskin, wool, or leather — you never know if a brand uses glues and dyes that are made from animal products.

This list of vegan rain boots brands only lists those that are certified vegan or labeled vegan by the company. If I was unsure, I personally contacted the company and will tell you their response! You can see some of the brands that I contacted below.

Notes on some popular rain boots brands:

  • Crocs rain boots are not guaranteed vegan. I contacted the company, and they said that the material they use (Croslite) is comprised of proprietary formulations and they cannot disclose of any details. Therefore, I cannot claim that they are vegan-friendly.
  • Sloggers rain boots are not vegan. When I contacted the company, they replied with a simple message: “No they are not [vegan] we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Vegan Rain Boots Brands


Hunter Vegan Rain Boots

Buy Online:  |  Zappos

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $40 – $185
  • one of the most popular rain boots brands with many “accidentally” vegan styles!

Hunter Boots should be your go-to brand to find vegan rain boots! This brand specializes in making rain boots and their footwear is very popular. You will have no trouble finding a style you like: they have tall rain boots, short rain boots, city boots (shaped similar to a sneaker but completely waterproof), and more! There are many styles for men, women, and kids, and a huge range of colors to choose from!

Here are all available Vegan Hunter Rain Boots to choose from! If you want to narrow down your choices, select some of the filters on the left-hand side. Besides choosing between men, women, and kids, some of the filters include shoe size, color, and boot length.


Kamik Vegan Rain Boots

Buy Online:  Men’s | Women’s

Quick Look:

  • Price Range: $25 – $99
  • sustainable brand with many vegan styles

Kamik is a Canadian shoe brand that focuses on quality and sustainability. They have rain boots for men, women, and kids, and many of them are vegan and recyclable!

Not all Kamik shoes are vegan, but it’s easy to tell which ones are. For each shoe, just click on the “Technology” drop-down in the description. It will clearly say “vegan” if it is vegan-friendly. For easy navigation, use these links to shop men’s rain boots, women’s rain boots, or kids!

Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat Vegan Rain Boots Women's

Buy Online:  |  Zappos

Quick Look:

  • Price: $66 – $125
  • 100% vegan brand

Matt & Nat is a 100% vegan brand, but they primarily make shoes and accessories for women. So if you’re looking for vegan women’s rain boots, check out Matt & Nat’s options!

You don’t have to worry about reading the materials or description because all Matt & Nat shoes are vegan-friendly. You can also purchase their shoes on Zappos if you’d prefer, although not all of the styles are available for purchase on Zappos.

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