Vegan Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers

Vegan Wonton Wrappers and Vegan Eggroll Wrappers brands

Can You Buy Vegan Asian-Style Wrappers?

There are so many recipes out there for plant-based egg rolls and wonton dumplings, but for many of them, you have to make your own homemade Asian-style wraps. This can be super time-consuming. Instead, you can buy Vegan Wonton Wrappers or Vegan Egg Roll Wrappers at the store ahead of time to skip this step entirely!

It’s safe to assume that most egg rolls and wontons are not vegan. Egg rolls are often stuffed with chopped pork, and wontons can be stuffed with a variety of meat and seafood products. The wrappers are also usually made from animal products, most notably eggs.

Both the wrappers and filling for these popular Asian-style appetizers are easy to veganize, but when you have to make both from scratch, it can be too much work. But you never have to do this because it’s so easy to find vegan wonton and egg roll wraps at the store! (And they are often inexpensive.)

There aren’t that many brands to choose from, but for each brand, I’ll list some popular stores you can find their products at. I’ll also link to the product locator (if there is one) so you can find the store closest to you. If you can have these wrappers delivered to your door, I’ll link to an online store in the “buy online” section!

This post is for informational purposes only, and ingredients may change at any time. Make sure to read the most recent product descriptions before buying.


Vegan Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers Brands

Nasoya Asian-Style Wraps

Nasoya Vegan Egg Roll Wraps and Vegan Wonton Wraps

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Nasoya should be your go-to when it comes to vegan Asian-style wrappers. Nasoya carries three wraps, and they are all vegan-friendly! You can find their eggless egg roll wrappers and vegan wonton wraps at almost any grocery store, and they also have vegan round wraps for gyoza dumplings. Look for any of these products in the plant-based section of your grocery store (where the tofu is often found) or in the refrigerated section.

Nasoya wonton and egg roll wrappers are very easy to find. Look for them at your local Walmart, Publix, Target, Whole Foods, Kroger and affiliates, Safeway, and many more stores. Just use their product locator to find the closest Nasoya Egg Roll and Wonton Wrappers near you! If you have a Whole Foods nearby, you might be able to have these wraps shipped to you with Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery!

Twin Dragon Asian Wrappers

Twin Dragon Asian Wrappers

If you can’t find Nasoya wraps, you can probably find another great brand of Asian wrappers — Twin Dragon! All Twin Dragon Asian-style wrappers are vegan friendly, and they have four varieties. They have the standard vegan egg roll wrappers and vegan wonton wrappers, but they also have certified organic wonton wrappers and gyoza wrappers!

Twin Dragon products might be a little harder to find than Nasoya, but there are definitely many grocery stores that carry them. Check your local Albertsons, Giant Food, Fred Meyer, or Tom Thumb to see if they carry these wraps.

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